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Bare’s Body Boost Health & Wellness Program

Discover our truly transformative Body Boost Health & Wellness program at Bare! Tailored care for feeling your most fabulous yet, in the heart of Burlington at Bare!

Our Plans

Our individualized subscription plans offer a convenient and affordable way to reveal your best body and optimize your potential. Synergize inside and outside with our wellness programs that prioritize you and your lifestyle!
Option 1 — Bare’s Body Boost Health and Wellness Program:
$399 per month

Inviting you to participate in our program to see the transformational difference a supportive community of health and wellness-minded individuals can make in your life!

  • 1 Initial check-in with our Health & Wellness Coach, Jaimi Wells
  • Bi-weekly check-ins after that to keep your goals on track
  • 20% off BioTe Supplements
  • 10% off skin care
  • 10% off other services
  • FREE Weekly Skinny Shots to boost results
  • FREE initial cholesterol & glucose panel
  • Fit3D Quarterly
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group for tips, recipes, exercise routines, and giveaways!
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Option 2 — Add-on to medical weight loss membership plan
$179 per month

Already a medical weight loss member at Bare? For just $179 a month, add on these amazing perks to continue to heighten your results and get personalized support from a coach and others with the same goal!

  • 1 initial check-in with Jaimi (60 mins)
  • Biweekly or monthly checks-ins (30 mins)
  • Fit3D Quarterly
  • Access to FB group

Why Join Our Body Boost Programs?

Our programs offer more than just a strategy to prevent potential weight gain; they represent a lasting commitment to your well-being, ensuring you look and feel your best. As a member, you gain access to numerous benefits, such as joining a community effort to achieve your goals alongside motivated, like-minded individuals under Jaimi’s guidance. Membership includes participation in accountability calls, special perks at local gyms, discounts on workout classes and personal training, access to a wide array of healthy and nutritious recipes, and monthly opportunities to challenge yourself and win prizes, including Skinny Shots, skincare products, and more.
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Jaimi Wells: A Skilled, Expert Health Coach

Meet Jaimi, our Client Success Specialist who brings to Bare a strong background in office management and health and wellness. With her B.S. in health and wellness and her M.S. in health education, she realized as a health coach that there is so much that connects beauty and wellness together. Wanting to explore that, Jaimi has held both individual and group coaching sessions focused on all-around wellbeing. The wellness wheel is truly at the forefront of her coaching style, ensuring everyone is balancing physical, nutritional, and mental wellbeing, rooted in the belief that a journey of health is customized to each individual and there is not a one size fits all way of being “healthy.” Building small, healthy habits leads to big, lasting changes. She truly believes there is no better business to be in than that of helping others feel and look their best! She translates her personal philosophy on wellness outside of Bare, where you’ll often find her hiking and taking in the beautiful outdoors Vermont has to offer. Let Jaimi’s expertise and empathy guide you on your journey to transformation!

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Jaimi testimonials


“Since COVID hit, I’ve been focusing more on my physical health and strength training; mostly unguided and self taught in regards to nutrition, exercises, and recovery. In April of 2022, I decided I was going to get serious about training since my weight had not improved alongside my strength development. I made an appointment with Jaimi to have some blood work done, review and improve my current diet, and set achievable goals/milestones. Jaimi helped me get my training on track and held me accountable while understanding my goals.I met with Jaimi monthly for the next year and a half, reviewing progress and receiving her expert opinion on my nutritional intake and how that was impacting my strength progress and recovery. I was able to stay on track and meet several of the goals we had set months prior. I’m currently training for a strength competition and I know without Jaimi’s help, I would not have been as far along as I am now; I likely would not be as fit to compete without her. I’ll be trying to work with Jaimi in the future and I know she’ll be able to push me to hit even more milestones in my strength and body composition.” – Justin M.

“After watching my weight creep up over the past few years I finally decided to see a nutritionist, and I’m so glad that I did. Jaimi was so non-judgemental! After a battery of diagnostics she and I reviewed my various levels: BMI, cholesterol, lipids, etc and then discussed a plan of attack. There was really nothing to fear. Jaimi suggested a few easy swaps I could make to my diet: turkey burgers instead of beef; Multigrain cheerios for breakfast instead of Fruity Pebbles, Ezekial sprouted grain instead of white bread. She and I then talked about exercise frequency and variety and about sticking to a plan. Over the course of our first meeting I felt very listened to and treated like an individual rather than a summation of my biometric read out. I left with a simple, concrete plan and when I returned a few months later, my categorical improvement was well beyond my expectations. I’ve lost 30 pounds and shrunk from a 36.5″ to 33″ waistline, my blood pressure is down, and my cholesterol is nearly cut in half. I still have cheat days when I want, but I’ve kept up with the swaps and exercise choices I’ve made and it really hasn’t been all that difficult to maintain. Along the way Jaimi was personable, attentive and always quick with suggestions and encouragement. I wish I had seen her sooner, but better late than never!” Daniel H.

“I have nothing but great things to say about Jaimi! I began working with her almost two years ago and I can honestly say that my health & wellbeing has improved dramatically to a level that I would never have expected I could achieve. I struggled for many years with my own sense of what being healthy meant and wanted to improve my eating & exercise habits, but hadn’t the slightest idea of how to begin. After being introduced to Jaimi as a Health Coach (a completely foreign notion to me), I have learned not only how to define a healthy lifestyle but also how to set reasonable goals to achieve it as well. When I run into roadblocks with my goals, she has challenged me to think of new solutions including exploring ideas outside of my comfort zone, and has helped me modify & improve upon those goals so that I can continue to be successful in my wellness journey.”

“Jaimi is such a respectful & compassionate person and her positive energy radiates through any doubt that I have going into our sessions, giving me the determination to achieve my goals. It has not been an easy journey for me but with Jaimi’s continual support and encouragement, I have developed & maintained a recurring exercise routine that I enjoy, learned how to balance my diet while still enjoying the food I love and have discovered new ways to improve my overall mental health as well. I genuinely look forward to our sessions together every month and appreciate that she is always there with a smile & an open mind to discuss my progress, especially when I’ve had some rough weeks. Jaimi is truly an All Star and a wonderful inspiration in my life. I am so grateful for all that she does as my Health Coach!”