Behind the Scenes at Bare: Meet Sarah!

It doesn’t take more than one visit to Bare Medical Spa to realize what a special place it is. We take pride in the life-changing treatments we offer to our patients, thanks to the dedicated staff we hire.

This month, we’re featuring Sarah Dietschi, our resident Nurse Practitioner. You should DEFINITELY get to know her if you haven’t already. Sarah not only has an astounding wealth of knowledge, but she is also a true artisan when administering Botox and fillers.

A typical day for Sarah is quite busy, but she manages to make each patient feel comfortable and well cared for. And they’re in good hands, Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled – it’s immediately obvious when speaking to her. During the summer, she explains, Bare had an upswing in the number of Botox and dermal filler appointments. This, of course, is due to the lasers being less popular during the sunny season as sun exposure and lasers don’t mix well.

When she’s not busy dealing with lasers and needles, Sarah’s quick to praise the CoolSculpting machines, since she’s a personal fan of the procedure: “I’m as physically active as I can be, but after three kids, it’s so nice to have a little help in areas that retain subcutaneous fat.” FYI, Subcutaneous fat is the ‘pinchable’ layer that sits just below the skin. Listening to her, Sarah seems like a fish in water in the medspa environment, but it wasn’t always like that.

How did you end up as a Nurse Practitioner?

“I’ve been a nurse for over 20 years. I started out wanting to go into primary care, but soon shifted my focus to women’s health.”

Following her education in Boston, Sarah moved to San Francisco where she began pursuing her dream, working at UC San Francisco Medical Center. While out west, Sarah met her husband, moved to Seattle, and had three beautiful children.

How did you get involved with Bare Med Spa?

After her stint out west, Sarah moved back to Vermont and met Jamie when Bare was a laser center and Jamie was just starting to think about expanding. Sarah formed an instant friendship and admiration for Jamie’s business ethic and spunk (seriously, they’ve been friends for 15 years!). She was drawn back to California for a few years and decided at that time to change focus from women’s health to dermatology and medical aesthetics. What better place to learn than Southern California where people eat Botox for breakfast!

So, what happened in SoCal?

While in SoCal, Sarah honed her interest in skin by focusing on medical aesthetics and worked for two esthetic dermatology clinics in the San Diego area. There, she honed her skills and began to grow her vast knowledge in the field.

Interlude: Sarah went ahead and recommended some of her favorite products! Stock up on: Obagi-C RX system, Obagi Vitamin C serum (her newest obsession), Skin Medica tinted SPF and Obagi Medical ELASTIderm eye treatment cream. You’re welcome

Now back to it…What’s your favorite part of the job?

Sarah immediately responded, “Without a doubt, client interaction is my favorite, I love meeting new people and introducing them to a whole world that they may not know about.”

“Being in Vermont is so different from Southern California. People here want a natural look and aren’t always up-to-date on the latest and greatest products and procedures. I love educating them and showing them that they can have that natural look, beautiful and healthy skin, and really and truly: age gracefully”.

She passionately continues to tout the benefits of medical-grade skincare and laser treatments like PicoWay Resolve treatments to brighten the skin, help with fine lines and pigment and improve tone and texture.

What’s your favorite procedure that Bare offers?

“I love the quick fix of Botox and fillers. When done well, and with an artistic eye, it can be beautiful”. And Sarah is being modest here. Her approach to administering Botox and fillers is like an artist creating a work of art. She not only makes her patients look years younger, but they walk away with effortlessly natural, supple skin. No need to worry about the stereotypical “Hollywood look” when under Sarah’s care.

What’s your advice for new patients?

“An educated customer is the best customer!” Sarah is so passionate about patients doing their research. “It’s imperative to connect and trust the provider you’re choosing to work on your very precious face and I want my patients to know: I hear you, I’m listening to you. We will look at the big picture, go slow and take it one step at a time until we have the result you’re looking for.”

Book an appointment with Sarah at Bare today to get the results you want: (802) 861-2273 .
Sarah Dietschi
Despite her three kids (she’s a total self-declared soccer mom), Sarah still finds time for herself. When she’s not at Bare, she’s busy being active, practicing yoga, and mountain biking the gorgeous trails of Vermont. Furthermore, she likes to tinker in her basement jewelry studio and more often than not is wearing one of her pieces to work. This artistic Mama is always using her attention to detail!