CoolSculpting ELITE in Burlington, VT

At Bare Medical Spa + Laser Center, we’re proud to help you achieve your dream physique with ease through effortless CoolSculpting ELITE treatments — in fact, we’re the #1 CoolSculpting providers in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine! Our talented staff consisting of three Master CoolSculpting providers are excited to show you what’s possible with CoolSculpting ELITE and how it can meet all your body slimming needs!

Patient undergoing CoolSculpting Elite at Bare Medical Spa and Laser Center

What is CoolSculpting ELITE?


CoolSculpting ELITE uses cryolipolysis technology to freeze and kill fat cells without harming the neighboring skin, blood vessels, muscles, nerves, and other tissues for a downtime-free treatment that leaves you trim, with far less visible body fat. CoolSculpting ELITE uses a dual applicator system that kills fat cells in two areas of the body at the same time. Only taking less than an hour for treatment, it’s able to reduce twice the amount of fat in the same amount of time as the original CoolSculpting device and creates more dramatic results. One of the incredible things about CoolSculpting ELITE is how many parts of the body it’s suitable for! We can treat underneath the chin, the upper arms, back and bra fat, the flank area where love handles form, abdomen thighs, and the banana roll of fat under the buttocks. Our founder and CoolSculpting National Trainer Jamie Clayton Spano can’t wait to show you what’s possible with CoolSculpting ELITE, so get ready to say goodbye to the gym and hello to an effortlessly taut physique!

Benefits of CoolSculpting ELITE

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Is CoolSculpting ELITE Right for You?


CoolSculpting ELITE is a great option for most patients, and most patients with treatable amounts of fat stores are great candidates! Though we do recommend patients to be close to their ideal size, our team is here to ensure your candidacy in consultation to find the best body sculpting solution for your individual needs. We have a range of options that can be used in tandem with CoolSculpting ELITE, including personalized [medical weight loss] programs and fat-eliminating [Kybella] injections, and we’ll determine which combination of treatments will help you get you your perfect physique. Once we’ve learned about your medical history and goals, we’ll determine what treatment with the gold-standard in non-surgical sculpting will look like for you!

Bare doctor marking patient for CoolSculpting elite at Bare Medical Spa and Laser Center

What to Expect at Your CoolSculpting ELITE Appointment


Prior to your treatment, our team will give you preparation instructions during a consultation. We recommend you avoid beverages and caffeine before your appointment. Once we’ve determined the precise treatment areas and have mapped them out, your provider will apply a clear gel pad to the desired locations to create a barrier between the device’s panel and your skin. You’ll feel a cold sucking sensation, along with some mild pinching, tugging, pulling, tingling. These should subside within minutes as your body will naturally go numb.

During your treatment, you can relax and take in the views of Lake Champlain as we work to sculpt your body. After we’ve detached the applicator, we’ll give you a brief massage to break up the treated fat cells and enhance fat reduction: after that, you’re done! You shouldn’t need any downtime and should start noticing results within three weeks of your first appointment.

Why Choose Bare for Your CoolSculpting ELITE Treatments?


When it comes to your body, health, and wellbeing you should always go with the finest care available, because you deserve it! You’ll discover just what’s possible in aesthetics and wellness at Bare, Burlington’s premier medical spa and a regional industry leader. Our expert staff go to great lengths to ensure your wellbeing while creating impactful results that are tailored to you, all while you relax and unwind at our inclusive, luxurious spa overlooking Lake Champlain. As Burlington’s #1 CoolSculpting provider, we’re proud to offer our patients the latest in CoolSculpting and are thrilled with the outcomes patients have had. Our compassionate care, inclusive mentality, and focus on you means you can trust us to turn your body goals into reality: book your consultation to get on the path to your dream body!