Elevate Your Wellness with Our Medical Spa Services

Our curated treatments and services harness your body’s natural healing processes to help you flourish. Learn more about how our medical spa’s services can benefit your wellbeing below!
About bare medical spa laser center

About Our Medical Spa Services

Our services are hand-selected based on scientific research and firsthand experience of their efficacy in treating a variety of concerns and issues. We believe that addressing the body as a whole, rather than simply focusing on symptoms, is the key to healing and vitality, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s possible! Our exceptional team is thoroughly educated and experienced in administering our services, tailoring each to our patients’ individual needs and wellbeing so that they can thrive on their journey to a renewed and restored self.

Holistic Wellness Transformation


Your body has endless capacity to heal itself — it simply needs some extra care to continue to do so effectively. Our holistic wellness services will leave you utterly transformed into the best version of yourself!

Biote Hormone Replacement Therapy
Balance Your Hormones

Biote Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Hormonal decline and fluctuation can affect your daily life, from energy levels and mood swings to appetite and weight control. Unlike conventional HRT, BHRT with Biote allows your body to naturally process these equivalent hormones without undergoing a conversion process for more effective and natural results.

Wellness medical weight loss
Healthy Weight Attainment

Medical Weight Loss

Numerous factors go into losing and maintaining weight, and it’s often tricky to get it right with mere diet and exercise alone. Our medical weight loss program safely and effectively helps you keep the pounds off, so you can feel wonderful in your own skin.

Intimate Wellness


There are many factors that can impact our sexual wellbeing, and intimate wellness services are here to take the embarrassment away so you can focus on pleasure! We target several issues with our services for comprehensive intimate care.


The Kegel throne will leave you feeling fit and fabulous after just one session!

CO2RE® Intima

The only laser that targets gynecological conditions for improving vaginal laxity and sensation!

Bare Plasma Wing Lift

Lift and revitalize down there with this natural treatment that only takes one simple injection!

Intimate Wellness
Man with plasma hair restoration

Plasma Hair Restoration

The power of your own platelets helps revive weakened hair follicles for renewed and enhanced growth. Plasma hair restoration is a proven method to prevent and reverse hair loss, and its regenerative effects are long lasting for sustained growth!

IV Therapy

Your body needs minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients to function its best. Through replenishing, expertly formulated IV drips, our IV therapy empowers you to take control of your health so you can take of the day feeling fresh and rejuvenated!