Facial Hair Removal in Burlington, VT

Skip the stressors of traditional facial hair removal when you visit Bare for all your hair removal needs. Our talented team can ensure you get a hairless finish that suits your needs and lifestyle, so you can dare to go bare whenever you please!

Facial Hair Removal Options at Bare Medical Spa + Laser Center

We offer a range of facial hair removal options that we can tailor to your lifestyle, whether you’re looking to stay smooth short term or are seeking more permanent hair removal results. Our epilation options are suitable for delicate facial skin and can tackle hairs fine to thick: these include dermaplaning, electrolysis, and waxing.
Woman getting dermaplaning


An easy and painless non-invasive procedure, dermaplaning uses a special, medical-grade blade to remove peach fuzz from the face. This 45-minute or less service uses a scalpel to physically exfoliate, gently scraping off the top layer of dull skin to reveal a radiant and bright complexion underneath. Dermaplaning is suitable for most skin types, except those with active acne or excessive sebum production, and keeps hair and dead skin at bay for up to three weeks!
Woman getting electrolysis


The most permanent type of hair reduction, electrolysis targets the base of the hair follicle to destroy the root to create lasting results. We use the Apilus Senior 3G device, which provides incredible results for halting and preventing new and existing hair growth! Electrolysis appointment times vary based on the amount of hair that needs treatment, but the easy-to-use technology of Apilus and our team’s expertise both help to speed up the process. Electrolysis also provides a permanent option for non-laser candidates, including those with white, grey, or blonde hair!
Woman getting facial waxing

Facial Waxing

If you’re dealing with rogue hairs, sometimes you need the extra assistance that facial waxing provides. With long-lasting and immediate results, our waxers can touch up your brows, de-fuzz your face, and ensure you’re smooth and confident. Waxing has been trusted for centuries for its effective results, and our waxers are experts in ensuring you have tug-free experience!

Laser hair removal

Looking to thoroughly remove hair across larger parts of the face? Laser hair removal is one of our specialties at Bare, and allows you to always maintain that flawless finish for your face. We use state-of-the-art lasers that are suitable for all skin tones and types, so you have the option to flaunt your face without worry. For fast treatment and a smooth finish, laser hair removal could be the right choice for you!
Woman undergoing facial hair removal at Bare Medical Spa and Laser Center

Benefits of Facial Hair Removal

Whether it’s a unibrow, mustache, or simply some overtly visible sideburns, removing facial hair doesn’t have to be embarrassing thanks to our compassionate team’s skills and array of treatments. We tailor each facial hair removal session to your needs, so you can maintain the best skin health possible while getting the confidence you deserve. We’re excited to bring you options so you can choose a method that integrates seamlessly with your needs and lifestyle. No matter what method you choose, our expert care ensures a smooth experience and a hair-free you!

Is Facial Hair Removal Right for Me?

Each facial hair removal method has different candidacy requirements. Depending on your needs, our team will ensure your candidacy in consultation, where we’ll also learn more about your medical history and take a look at your desired treatment zones. With our variety of options, more people qualify, and we’ll be happy to determine the best choice for you!
Woman touching face after facial hair removal at Bare Medical Spa and Laser Center

Why Choose Bare Medical Spa for Facial Hair Removal?

You shouldn’t trust your face to just anyone, especially when Bare Medical Spa + Laser Center is around! We’re proud to be Burlington’s premier destination for all things skin, beauty, and lasers, and facial hair removal is no different. We’re proud to offer safe and effective methods that create smooth results so that you never have to worry about buying razors again: you can simply kick back and take in the view of Lake Champlain as we get to work. Discover the difference luxury facial hair removal makes to your appearance and mental wellbeing at Bare Medical Spa: book your consultation today!