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A $50 deposit is required for all consultations. A $100 deposit is required for all cosmetic injection appointments and half down for all CoolSculpting, and teeth whitening treatments. All other services will require a $50 deposit unless you have a prepaid package already.


We have a 48-hour cancelation policy. Late cancelations will forfeit their deposits, and no shows will be charged the full price. If you have a prepaid package one treatment will be pulled from the package. 

Summer Laser Cancelation Policy

Prior to a laser appointment one must avoid any sun exposure and tanning (in the areas wanting treatment) for at least 7 days before your laser treatment. Sun exposure makes skin more sensitive to heat, and a laser can cause burns, hyperpigmentation and scarring on heat sensitive skin. Wearing sunscreen is not enough! In addition, because most lasers are targeting pigment (color) you must not use any sunless tanner or tinted lotions in the area you are wanting treated with laser as well.

Due to these rules being shared in our consents and discussed in detail at consultations, anyone turned away for exposure at time of appointment as well as any appointments canceled within less than 48 hours’ notice for sun exposure (direct sun or sunless) will be charged the full price of the treatment. If you have a package, the treatment will be pulled from your package.

This Policy applies but is not limited to the following laser treatments:
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser Vein Removal
Chemical Peels
Fractional Laser
CO2RE Laser Resurfacing
PicoWay Resolve

It is also important to consistently wear sunscreen post laser appointment and reapply every few hours, especially if you are sweating or swimming. If you don’t wear sunscreen after laser hair removal, you may be at risk for sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and other forms of skin damage.


All sales and deposits are final and will not be refunded. You may apply your deposit to any future purchase at BARE for up to 60 days. We will prorate an incomplete package of any service to be used towards a different service. If you are unable to use a credit associated to your account, you may gift your balance to someone else in the form of a gift card.