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As our cherished client, we’re committed to providing you with the excellent service you’ve come to expect from Bare. Our team is the driving force behind it all, with their exceptional education, training, skills, and passion for getting you results. We’re all deeply passionate about our craft and are excited to assist you in achieving all your goals!

Meet owner Jamie clayton spano

A Vermont native, Jamie began her career in accounting and HR, but started Bare Medical Spa back in 2012 when she was given the opportunity to finally pursue her passions. She truly believes in the lifechanging power of well-performed aesthetic treatments and uses her people skills and multivariate developed talents as a medical aesthetician, laser tech, educator, and business-savvy entrepreneur to keep Bare running and thriving.

Jamie is a certified Allergan Medical Faculty Trainer, and often travels across the country to train other industry leaders. She has been in the industry for over a decade and has expanded her skills beyond lasers to make Bare the spa it is today.

Jamie loves traveling and spending time with her family. She is also passionate about education, and regularly keeps up with the latest in the industry. When she’s not at the office, you’ll find her jet-setting and spending quality time with her boys!

Jamie Clayton Spano Bare Medical Spa & Laser Center owner

Meet our experts & Support staff

Shelby Gillespie, Spa Director

Shelby Gillespie

Spa Director

Shelby Gillespie has been in the customer service industry for 17 years and has been working at Bare since 2017. She has a strong background in business management with extensive experience in international retail sales. Shelby has outstanding customer service skills and takes an immense amount of pride in providing exceptional client experiences. She sees her work as an absolute privilege and is honored to be a part of her patients’ journeys.

Shelby’s interest in the industry began when she started getting preventative Botox in her 20s. She knew that she wanted to settle into a career that offered a challenging environment where she could make a difference in people’s lives, which is what she found right here at Bare. She loves the small business, woman-owned-and-operated environment at Bare and how it constantly keeps her at the top of her game. She lives with her two daughters (AKA adventure buddies), and loves doing yoga, spending time with her family, laughing as much as possible, and indulging herself in good wine.

Alexis Cochran, M.D., Medical Director

Alexis Cochran, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Cochran has been an emergency medicine physician for over 16 years. She joined Bare after learning about our reputation for adopting cutting-edge, effective treatments and commitment to enhancing clients’ well-being. Originally from New York, she completed her medical school education in her home state before moving to Maine for her residency. She’s since started working in New Hampshire emergency departments and continues to do so.

Dr. Cochran’s aspirations to help others involves taking a holistic approach, building strong connections with people to understand their unique needs and goals, and providing tailored support to help them feel their best. Her dedication to innovation fits in perfectly at Bare. She prioritizes a comprehensive consultation process, ongoing education, and a focus on safety and ethics to ensure every client feels valued, empowered, and confident. Dr. Cochran currently lives in Richmond with her husband and three children, as well as their fluffy puppy Pax! She loves coffee, trail running, and even more coffee.

Ashley Birtz, Certified Physician Assistant & Injector

Ashley Birtz

Certified Physician Assistant & Injector

Ashley is a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), holding licenses to practice in VT, NY, and CA. She works as a cosmetic injector, a long way from her start in medicine in the Bone Marrow Transplant unit at New York — Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital. She is also an expert in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and enjoys guiding her patients through medical weight loss. She’s passionate about helping patients optimize their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. It’s her goal to provide people with the tools they need to view their life in a positive way and break down any fears they may have in starting the journey to their best self.

Ashley specializes in giving Bare patients that “refreshed feeling” that they may feel inside but are not always able to see. She loves working with neuromodulators, utilizing small amounts of neurotoxins to give a major confidence boost. She is also educated on overall wellness and weight loss, focusing on total body wellness that starts from the inside out. In her free time, she loves spending time on the lake fishing and kayaking with her husband and children.

Nicole Nadeau, RN,  Master Injector

Nicole Nadeau

Registered Nurse, Master Injector

Nicole Nadeau is a Registered Nurse who has been in the medical field for many years. Starting as a labor and delivery nurse, she eventually found a love for aesthetics that later prompted her to become a master aesthetic injector. As a talented, and very sought-after injector and Master Coolsculpting provider, Nicole also provides many other services here at Bare. Nicole takes pride in her ability to change patients’ lives in a positive ways, bringing smiles, tears of joy, confidence, hope, and even a new look on life for some. She listens to the needs of her clients, and always makes it her mission to exceed their expectations, giving them the best results.

Her favorite treatments at Bare are injections because they keep people looking naturally youthful if done correctly. Nicole takes an individualized approach to every patient and is guided by her philosophy of, “less is more.” She enjoys the challenge of finding ways to help her clients turn back the clock on their skin, using subtle, non-obvious injections. Nicole also provides women’s intimate wellness services, creating a comfortable, safe environment for women to address personal concerns. She is able to provide services to correct a variety of issues with positive results.

Outside of her passion for work, Nicole enjoys spending time on Lake Champlain, camping, traveling, spontaneous adventures with her partner, dogs, and two boys.

Whitney Remington, Registered Nurse and Laser Technician

Whitney Remington

Registered Nurse and Laser Technician

Whitney has been working in the medical industry for nearly a decade. She graduated from the University of Maine Fort Kent with a Bachelor of Science in nursing, working in cardiac and pulmonary care, pediatrics, and ER and travel settings. Whitney then began consulting for a large skincare company, eventually becoming the District Manager. She then found her passion for helping others improve their overall wellbeing and appearance using safe and beneficial products and travelled to Boston to earn her certification in neurotoxins and dermal fillers.

Whitney loves that medical aesthetics offers the opportunity to provide compassionate care and learn new skills. She’s seen the difference non-surgical cosmetic work had in the way she felt, and how it carried over into other aeras of her life, and uses her nursing skills to share that. She knew she wanted to work at Bare when she came across our clinic, and began her laser training soon after relocating to Burlington. Seeing patients become more confident and inspired to take care of themselves drives her passion, and she loves seeing patients develop healthier habits because of their improved confidence. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time exploring new places with her dogs and traveling to see family.

Leigha Molgaard, Lead Master Esthetician

Leigha Molgaard

Lead Master Esthetician

Leigha Molgaard is a licensed esthetician who has been working in the medical aesthetic field since 2019. She obtained her licensure from Paul Mitchell in Southern California and has since attended CoolSculpting University to become a Master CoolSculpting Clinician. She has advanced training in Morpheus8, Fraxel, and Emsculpt, and found her love of body contouring services at Bare. She’s passionate about working in the aesthetics industry because she gets to help her clients feel like the best versions of themselves, and expertly manages our team of estheticians to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Leigha’s main goal is to make her clients feel beautiful and confident. Her approach to beauty is to treat it like building a house — you have to first start with a foundation and then you can build from there. Originally from Costa Mesa, California, you can find Leigha spending her free time by the fire, playing board games, shopping, and spending time with her family! She’s also a sucker for extremely spicy hot wings.

Asia Armstrong, Laser Technician & Esthetician

Asia Armstrong

Laser Technician & Esthetician

Asia Armstrong is a Licensed Esthetician and Laser Technician who has been working in the medical aesthetic field ever since she obtained her licensure from Aveda Institute. She’s trained in a variety of services, including laser treatments for pigmented lesions, veins, and hair; medical-grade chemical peels; microneedling; among many other esthetic services! Asia is passionate about all things skincare and is dedicated to making meaningful connections with every one of her clients and helping them feel confident in themselves.

For Asia, the best part of working at Bare is being able to spend time with a passionate group of women who all love what they do. To her, it doesn’t even feel like work! She’s always looking for ways to advance her education so that she can improve her own skincare routine and share that knowledge with her clients and the rest of the team at Bare. When she’s not enjoying her time with the patients and staff at Bare, Asia loves spending time outdoors with her husband and hiking with her German Shepherd, Hercules.

Valentina Morse, Electrologist & Esthetician

Valentina Morse

Electrologist & Esthetician

Valentina obtained her licensure from The Electrology Institute of New England in 2007 and has been performing electrolysis at Bare since 2015. While working at Bare, she then took the steps to become a licensed esthetician in 2018. She adores helping people feel better about themselves, something that comes in handy with her expertise in electrology — one of the only permanent hair reduction options for blonde and grey hair!

Valentina’s specialty is using minimally invasive procedures to improve her patients’ self-confidence. Originally from Russia, Valentina is extremely educated, holding three degrees as well as actively working as a massage therapist. When Valentina is not at work, she loves to visit her daughter in New York City and participate in barre sculpt workouts!

JoAna Byam, Registered Nurse & Injector

Jaimi Wells

Health and Wellness Coach

Jaimi comes to Bare as our Client Success Specialist with a strong background in office management and health and wellness. She holds her B.S. in health and wellness and her M.S. in health education. Working as a health coach, Jaimi realized there is so much that connects wellness and beauty and wanted to explore all of it. She has done both individual and group coaching sessions with a focus on all around well-being. The wellness wheel is really at the forefront of her coaching style, ensuring everyone is balancing physical, nutritional, and mental well-being. All while rooting in the belief that a journey of health is customized to each individual and there is not a one size fits all way of being “healthy”. Building small, healthy habits leads to big, lasting changes. She truly believes there is no better business to be in than that of helping others feel and look their best!

Originally from New York, she is no stranger to the cold and snow, but much prefers the warmer climates. When she isn’t working with others on their wellness journeys, she is working on her own. Her favorite things to do involve being outdoors with her husband and their three children, especially watching their kid’s sporting events, or finding a new fun hike! She also loves to travel with friends and family and find new adventures along the way.

Roselie Phillip, Client Coordinator

Roselie Phillip

Client Coordinator

Roselie Phillip graduated from Castleton University in 2014 with a B.S. in business marketing and has been working in the industry ever since. She has years of experience in medical administration that she gained from working at Community Health Centers of Vermont, where she learned how to interact with clients, walk them through their financing options, and create an overall positive experience for them. Interacting with the clients at Bare is the highlight of her day as she believes that they are what makes Bare the best place to work in Vermont.

Roselie believes that beauty and wellness go hand in hand, which guides her as she connects with clients and brings her signature hardworking and positive attitude to the Bare team. Having been a client at Bare herself, she understands the power of taking care of yourself and the significant impact that self-care can have on your quality of life. She now uses that experience to spread awareness so others can achieve their goals and feel their best too. In her free time, she loves spending time outdoors and will find any excuse to get outside and get moving!

Shannon Dunlavey, Client Coordinator

Shannon Dunlavey

Client Coordinator and Skincare Specialist

Shannon brings with her a long history in customer service and years of experience in aesthetics. She received her Cosmetology license in 2016 with the aim of expanding her knowledge and understanding of health and beauty, something she has always been passionate about. She loves the learning and growth opportunities present in the field and is thrilled to be part of the team at Bare where she is constantly motivated by advances in the industry. Shannon not only ensures all clients feel heard and taken care of but she also offers luxurious skincare services including HydraFacials, Diamond Glow Facial, and lashes!

With a commitment to her clients and a total-body outlook, Shannon takes a low-stress approach to beauty. Her philosophy is that we can’t truly care for our bodies if our minds are in a bad spot, and her motto is to not stress over the small things. She prioritizes both physical and mental health to ensure she feels great inside and out. When she’s not helping clients achieve their goals, you can find Shannon gaming on various platforms, from her Switch, to her PlayStation, to her PC.

Taylor Gagne, Clinical Assistant

Taylor Gagne

Clinical Assistant

Taylor Gagne has worked in customer service her entire life and has been working at Bare since 2022. She has exceptional customer service skills and appreciates the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment where she can help support her skilled colleagues. Her interest in medical aesthetics is rooted in her fondness for fashion and love of working with people. She finds it rewarding to inspire confidence and happiness in the people she helps.

Taylor loves the dynamic environment and diverse clientele at Bare, and she is thrilled to be an integral part of the team. She excels at collaboration and communication, which helps ensure that patients get the help they need, and no aspect of their care is lost in translation. A native of Vermont, Taylor enjoys watching her son play sports, walking her dogs, motorcycling, and keeping up with the latest fashion industry trends.