Behind the Scenes at Bare: Meet Shelby!

When you think about Med Spas your first thought is likely on the act of self-care, self-improvement or relaxation. All of these are to be expected, but Bare provides an experience that goes beyond the norm. From the moment you walk into our intimate facility, you’re family.

This month we’re introducing you to our resident jack-of-all-trades and spa manager, Shelby. A Vermont native, she’s been with Bare for over three years and is the backbone of our business.

If you’ve been to Bare before there’s a good chance you’ve met her.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

“Talking to clients and working with the staff. We’re a family here. I started here part-time, but ended up falling in love with all the clients and with the staff.”

In addition to her contagious enthusiasm for the people she sees on a regular basis, Shelby also loves the fast-paced nature of the job. “There’s no typical day here.” she explains enthusiastically, “I was initially behind the scenes, but I hated having an office. As the spa manager, I always want to take care of the clientele first and foremost. I love to chat with everyone and form real relationships with our clients. It’s so rewarding.”

What’s your favorite procedure that Bare offers?

“We’re always getting new treatments, but my favorite will always be Botox. It’s the quickest procedure and so therapeutic and so easy.”

Shelby continues her praise for Botox joking that she wishes Bare could do “curb-side” Botox to show patients how non-intimidating and simple the procedure really is.

What’s your advice for new patients?

“Don’t go on the internet!” she immediately cites, continuing, “Just go for it! Get to know your provider and make sure you come prepared with questions.”

When prompted about what questions to ask, she praises the staff for going over the important stuff, but advises to check in about downtime, what the procedure looks like, and how to best prepare ahead of time for your chosen treatment.

Additionally, Shelby enthusiastically recommends that totally green patients start with a VISIA skincare consultation. The VISIA, she explains, shows all of your fine lines, pores, and sun damage. “Afterwards, it’s so easy to say this is what I like and this is what I like better. Our service providers are so welcoming and will help you find the best regimen to help you reach your desired outcome.”

How about current patients?

“Bare is the whole experience” Shelby starts, “The industry changes so quickly. You may come to Bare for one thing and never realize that there are new offerings that align with your aesthetic goals. Look into everything being offered. A lot of the procedures go hand-in-hand.”

With such an intimate knowledge of the full Bare menu, Shelby touts her expertise in an authentic and easy manner.

What’s the most popular treatment at Bare?

Shelby doesn’t even hesitate before jumping in: “CoolSculpting, Laser Hair Removal, and Injections. In that order.”

Asked to elaborate a bit more she adds, “we’re the number one CoolSculpting provider in New Hampshire and Vermont. We ​always​ have someone hooked up to the machine.”

For the newbies, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that freezes fat cells and permanently kills them.

“Whether it’s someone coming in on their lunch break to treat a small area, or someone getting their full body treated for a few hours we literally have to book it down to the minute.”

Shelby and the family

A seasoned industry veteran, Shelby has tried all of Bare’s services and isn’t shy when it comes to gushing about her love for the rewarding work she does.

When she’s not at Bare chatting away with her second family, you can find Shelby taking care of her two daughters and focusing on self-care (both exercise and a glass of wine qualify).

Despite having traveled internationally for previous work, Shelby is glad to be back in Vermont full-time stating that, “there’s just something about Burlington that’s hard to replicate.”

Make sure to say “hi” to Shelby next time you’re at Bare. She’s ready to welcome you to the family.