Body Contouring in the New Year

Finally, 2021 is here! Scream it with us: “New Year, New Me!”

It feels as though there’s never been a more apt time to dig in and make this year our collective best year yet. You deserve it. We deserve it. Even the woman you can’t stand in your yoga class deserves it.

We’ve all made a pact to move forward with joy, positivity, and resolve, making us all committed to growing into our best selves. After the year we’ve had (Netflix binges and yoga pants), you might feel like you’re outside isn’t matching your radiant inside.

Don’t worry your pretty head. We have incredible options* to get that glow you have on the inside to make its way to your outside.


One of the most well-known, non-invasive treatments on the market, CoolSculpting® is a fat-reducing procedure that uses temperature to freeze and kill stubborn fat cells. Do you work out daily, eat (relatively) well, and still have areas with fat you can pinch? That’s where CoolSculpting® shines.

This permanent process — called cryolipolysis — freezes the fat cells in the area. The cells “die” and are expelled for good by the body over time, usually 2-3 weeks, with your final results visible by 12 weeks post-procedure.

CoolSculpting Before and After Results


Emsculpt is another well-known, non-invasive treatment that helps give your body the contour you long for. This muscle-enhancing treatment is pretty revolutionary. The device itself is designed to burn fat and build muscle through High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology.

The device is placed on the target area — either the abs or the butt muscles — and causes what are called supramaximal contractions. That’s almost 20,000 contractions per 30-minute session, which translates to 20,000 crunches in 30-minutes — something of which no human is capable!

The treatment is best for people who are already in decent shape and stick to a healthy diet. Don’t skip your spinning class!

Emsculpt Before and After Results


Ugh, cellulite. We know everyone has it. It’s normal. But trust us, we hate it just as much as you. That’s why VelaShape is such an awesome option for women looking to show a little more skin with confidence.

VelaShape is a procedure that reduces cellulite and circumference in targeted areas, like the arms, thighs, butt, flank, and abdomen. It uses a combination of four methods to treat the cellulite: infrared light, bipolar radiofrequency energy, massage, and general suction. Patients liken it to a, “warm deep-tissue massage.”

VelaShape Before and After Results

It’s always important to discuss your options with your physician to understand if you’re a candidate for all body contouring procedures. Make an appointment today to start 2021 off on the right foot!

*All procedures are FDA-approved