Spring into Shape: Home, Mind, and Body Tips for Spring!

Spring is the season for cleaning out the home, mind, and body and starting anew. Like nature, our minds and bodies crave renewal and pampering with the warmer temperatures and burgeoning sunshine. It’s time to treat yourself to all that this season of new beginnings has to offer!


There’s a good reason the phrase spring cleaning has commonplace in our language. Something about the sun shining and temperatures rising makes us want to shake out all the dust we’ve collected all winter long.

We all have our everyday cleaning routines — scrub the shower, shake out the rugs, clean the bedding — but some heavy-hitters dying for your attention may fly under the radar. Here are three things to tackle in your home this spring.

  • Toss the expired makeup. Seriously. Some of us are guilty (????‍♀️) of keeping makeup waaay past its expiration date. Be especially aware of makeup with oils that could spoil or anything that might be going on the eye area. Expired makeup is a playground for bacteria and can lead to a host of issues, so be aware. While you’re at it, clean those brushes, too!
  • Declutter your junk drawer. Are you of those people with a “catch-all” drawer full of paper clips, pens, cords, and loose AA batteries? You’re not alone! While a junk drawer keeps most of the ugly clutter out of view, it’s impossible to find anything without some semblance of organization. Repurpose old, colorful bowls to give everything a home inside the drawer. Use a nonslip liner for bonus points!
  • Switch out the wardrobe. It’s time to bring out the sleeveless shirts and sundresses, ladies! At this point, remove anything that’s worn out or done for the season. Make conscious decisions about your spring wardrobe, and consider donating anything that doesn’t make the cut!


While cleaning the home has a positive effect on your mental state, there are other strategies you can use to rest, reset, and recharge your mind this spring.

  • Unplug. Yes, one of the best ways to recharge is to unplug. Screens dominate our lives, and while it’s unavoidable in so many situations (i.e., working from home), staring at a screen for hours a day has a major impact on your overall health. Make a concerted effort to unplug for a few hours a week and get fresh air.
  • Lean into your discomfort. Something that we don’t often discuss is the fact that things aren’t always rainbows and butterflies all the time. The better you get at leaning into those uncomfortable feelings — and how you react to them — the more mentally tough you’ll become. You’ll bounce back easier and feel better equipped to tackle whatever comes at you.
  • Exercise. You hear it all the time, we know. But would you hear it all the time if it weren’t true? Probably not. Exercise releases endorphins, and what better for a recharge if not endorphins?


Now that all the home and mind clutter is gone let’s talk about our bodies!

  • Sunscreen. You need it now, and you’ll thank us later! In reality, you should wear sunscreen year-round. Some of us may cheat in the winter months, but sunscreen is one of the best ways to prevent aging and wrinkles.
  • Get outside. Like, now. We’ve been inside for far too long, missing that beautiful vitamin D that does our bodies so good. Get outside, breathe that fresh spring air, and let your skins soak up those vitamins.
  • Hydrate, baby. Hydration promotes energy, healthier skin, and a whole host of other benefits. Aim for half your body weight in ounces. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, aim for 75 ounces of water per day. Easy peasy.

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