What is a Med Spa?

A medical spa or med spa is a magical place where the day spa meets innovation and medical ingenuity. The American Med Spa Association defines them as “a hybrid between an aesthetic medical center and a day spa.” Med spas are under the supervision of a licensed physician, and qualified and professional practitioners and technicians perform services.

At Bare, we offer safe and effective ways to enhance your looks, make you feel great, and bring out your inner shine. We’re incredibly passionate about not only the services we provide you but also the professionalism and experience you have when you visit us. Legitimate, properly licensed med spas offer similar experiences.

Regrettably, with such a great interest in med spas and the services they provide, you’re bound to run into misconceptions, fraudulent practices, and a ton of misinformation. As with anything remarkable, there are always a few who are out to benefit themselves.

The good news is there are many accredited med spas (*ahem!* ‍♀️) ready to serve you. Let’s bust some of the myths, stigmas, and apprehensions you might be feeling looking into services at a medical spa.
Trained, Qualified, and Ready for You

The internet can be a scary place. False information and shock journalism create clickable headlines but can often cause a host of damage. You might have seen some of those baiting headlines:

“Everything Your Med Spa Doesn’t Want You to Know!”
“The Scariest Stories From Med Spas!”
“10 Procedures to Avoid at a Med Spa!”

Yes, there are shoddy operations. Yes, there are those who would take advantage of well-meaning, honest people. You see this every day.

You should know that a legit med spa is affiliated with, overseen, or ran by a medical doctor. The practitioners performing your procedures are experienced and qualified. Our spa’s Medical Director is Dr. Pete Spitelle, is a fellowship-trained oculoplastic surgeon and an anesthesiologist with 25 years of experience. Our owner, Jamie Clayton (who opened Bare in 2012), has been practicing as a licensed medical esthetician and certified laser technician for 12 years . Our team also consists of RN’s, NP’s, PA’s and several other licensed medical (cut this out) professionals.

When researching, be sure to look at who is running the place. You want to feel comfortable with the level of expertise in the building!
Not just Botox, baby

While we offer injectables, Botox isn’t the only thing on the menu. And neither are injectables, for that matter.

We offer everything from semi-permanent makeup to tattoo removal. The list is extensive, but just to give you an idea:

  • Skincare. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion and IPL’s (photofacial) round out the most well-known procedures on our menu, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We offer the newly popular Bare Plasma Facial and Facelift, as well as others.
  • Body. Body contouring procedures are having a bit of a moment. We offer both EMSCULPT and CoolSculpting as well as Vitamin B12 shots! All that does a body good.
  • Sexual Wellness. We know Valentine’s Day just passed, but who doesn’t like a good excuse to get back in the bedroom again? Check out our PRP Orgasm Shot treatment, which pledges to increase sexual arousal and rejuvenate the downstairs area.
  • Hair Removal. We’ll take it all off…just pick your method (we only offer laser hair removal)
  • Injectables. Yes, we do have Botox. But we also offer Radiesse, Jeuveau, and other dermal fillers.
  • Vein Removal. Stubborn veins that you can’t quite shake? Yep, we have laser vein removal or sclerotherapy as solutions for that.
  • Tattoo Removal. Say bye-bye to your ex-lover’s initials.
  • Semi-permanent Makeup. Wouldn’t it be lovely to truly be able to say, “I woke up like this”? We offer various types of semi-permanent makeup to give you the confidence to take those impromptu morning selfies.

And so much more.

We love what we do, and we want you to love your experience. If you’re looking for some of the above services, do your research. Make sure the med spa you’re visiting is one you can have the utmost confidence in!