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Non-surgical BBL

Enhance your backside with Sculptra & Radiesse.


Enhance your backside with Sculptra & Radiesse.


A nonsurgical butt lift (or butt augmentation) enhances the contour and shape of your buttocks without plastic surgery.

Results are more subtle than you’d get with surgical options like butt implants or a Brazilian butt lift procedure (commonly called a BBL), and results are temporary. But nonsurgical options come with fewer risks and may cost less.


Sculptra is best known as an injectable dermal filler that reduces lines and wrinkles by stimulating your skin to regrow its own natural collagen over time. But in a case of what’s good for the face is good for the fanny, Sculptra is also being injected into the butt cheeks, to create lift and fullness. Sculptra itself doesn’t provide the filling action. It contains microparticles of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a material that’s been safely used medically for many years in dissolvable stitches and implants. Sculptra is injected deep into the skin, and as the PLLA microparticles are absorbed, they cause a reaction that stimulates collagen production to create more volume.

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Recently, facial plastic surgeons and dermatologists have also started using diluted Radiesse in more superficial injections in the face, neck, and body to treat skin laxity and textural issues.

This off-label (not yet FDA-approved) technique has been shown to improve the neck, decolletage, arms, abdomen, and buttocks, even treating stretch marks, crepey skin, and cellulite.



Sculptra is a unique dermal filler made of poly-L-lactic acid. Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm, which immediately plump the skin, Sculptra triggers an inflammatory response that stimulates your body to produce both scar tissue and collagen growth. Your butt cheeks plump themselves from within.

Instead of an instant augmentation, the results appear over time. Because of this, a good candidate is someone seeking a natural effect. The Sculptra butt lift gives subtle, flattering body contouring results.

It’s also worth noting that Sculptra is currently FDA-approved for the face only. While many dermatologists and plastic surgeons regularly inject it into the buttocks, this is an off-label use of Sculptra.

During the treatment, your provider will numb the injection sites with lidocaine and then inject the filler. You may feel soreness or have mild bruising and swelling in the treatment area afterward, but there’s no downtime, and you can resume normal activities immediately.

You’ll see the best results after a series of three to four treatments, spaced several months apart.

A Sculptra butt lift can get very expensive if you’re looking for dramatic results. One vial costs around $1,000, and many patients need two to four vials for each treatment session—and multiple sessions to see the full effect. Many providers offer lower prices per vial when multiple vials are used at one treatment session.


Jasmine is amazing!
valentina fresl
valentina fresl
July 25, 2023.
Quick and easy! Amazing results! Staff is so pleasant! Always happy to visit BARE!
Linda Parent
Linda Parent
July 20, 2023.
Nicole is gentle, efficient and super nice. Love my Botox with her:)
Christina Mager
Christina Mager
July 19, 2023.
Always a positive experience! Explanations are very clear! Process is fast and precise! Great employees!
Kirsten Francis-Booth
Kirsten Francis-Booth
July 18, 2023.
Staff are highly knowledgeable, compassionate, and friendly! I can’t wait to go back for my next treatment.
Sarah Bangs
Sarah Bangs
July 7, 2023.
Staff is great!
Funke Atkins
Funke Atkins
June 30, 2023.
It went so smooth and quick. Results started showing the very next day! Look forward to continuing my relationship with this beautiful place! Highly recommend!
Jennifer Simpson
Jennifer Simpson
June 19, 2023.
Amazing place with AMAZING techs! Nicole, Lynn, Leigha and Jamie are fantastic! I look forward to all of my treatments there.. and always find new ones to try as well. Thank you all!
Elizabeth Cahill
Elizabeth Cahill
June 12, 2023.

The staff at Bare are excellent. Jasmine was lovely and obviously has extensive knowledge about skincare. I was greeted in a timely manner and all of my questions were answered thoroughly. 10/10 would recommend.

Emily T.

I love the staff & services at Bare! They’re always so professional and honest. Sarah is absolutely great at what she does and doesn’t overdo it.

Bonnie G. S.

The people who work at Bare are fantastic! So kind and welcoming. It’s a bit of an uncomfortable feeling knowing what you want changed about you and Bare makes you feel normal and beautiful!

Astin A.

I recently left a review about my lashes I had gotten done but want to update my review because Shelby reached out to me immediately to try and make it right! Like I said in my previous review I absolutely love this place and the fact they were so quick to contact me to resolve the problem I was having is incredible. I wish I could give them 10 stars. Thanks again for helping me out and I look forward to my next appointment.

Samantha J.

I recently had an appointment for vein treatment. Sclerotherapy and laser was done. I was so impressed by the professional treatment I received. My results were amazing and will continue to improve. If anyone has unsightly spider veins and want to see them go away go to Bare Medical Spa in Burlington and see Sarah and Jamie.

Patricia C.

I have always had really dark circles under my eyes, but was always skeptical about getting fillers. Sarah quickly put me at ease and explained in detail about the process. I had my cheeks and tear troughs done and could not be happier.

Wren A.

I’ve been going to Bare for a while now (getting the laser hair removal packages) and they are amazing! They’re very informative and they make you feel welcome everytime you walk through the door.

Jenna T.


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