How Bare Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s officially 2020, and that means it’s time to get serious about those New Year’s resolutions! Although hitting your goals may be hard work, Bare Medical Spa + Laser Center is here to help make things easier. Here are some of the ways we can help you reach your goals in the New Year:


While we believe that every body is beautiful, we also believe in making you feel like the best version of yourself. If your goal in 2020 is feeling good about the skin you’re in, we’ve got you covered.

Treatments like CoolSculpting, VelaShape and EMSCULPT can help you reach your goals quicker. CoolSculpting is a body contouring treatment that permanently gets rid of fat while VelaShape assists with tightening skin and getting rid of cellulite. EMSCULPT is a great treatment for those of you looking to build muscle, tone and sculpt your body. You’re beautiful, we know it— but a slight aesthetic boost never hurt anyone! These noninvasive treatments are the perfect supplement to help you achieve your goals.

Staying motivated to eat healthy and live an active lifestyle can be challenging. Let these fast treatment results be your reward! Enjoy the journey toward a healthier you and keep your eyes on the finish line, not on the scale.


You’re a knockout— why not let the world know it? Showcase your inner confidence with a little bit of help from Bare. Let our luxurious brow tinting, lash extensions and dermal fillers accentuate your natural beauty.

No makeup, no problem: with lash extensions and brow tinting there’s no need to spend that extra time in front of the mirror in the new year. With lash extensions and tinted eyebrows you’ll wake up looking and feeling your best self – no effort needed – Good morning, beautiful!

If your lashes are already long and luscious, and your brows are on-point, then dermal fillers are another great option to give yourself a confidence boost. From reducing wrinkles to giving you the perfect pout, fillers can bring transformative change for the new year. Looking in the mirror and loving what you see is a great resolution, and we can help you get there.


Self-improvement can mean a lot of things, but when it comes to treating yourself with love and care, we’re here for you.

If it’s time to let go of the past and wipe your skin’s canvas clean, tattoo removal with Picoway is a great treatment to help you hit the reset button. Picoway Technology is the latest technology for tattoo removal, which means better results for you – in fewer treatments!

Why not help bring out your skin’s natural glow while you’re at it? Bare’s microneedling, microdermabrasion and chemical peel treatments can help you kick off the new year with radiance.

Microneedling helps your body produce more collagen for plumper, healthier skin, while microdermabrasion gently exfoliates the top layer of your skin, removing the uneven outer layer, leaving your skin toned, even and soft. Our skin and chemical peel treatments are suitable for all skin types, and are sure to improve discoloration, hyperpigmentation and reduce the appearance of fine lines. We also offer a vast array of products for your at-home care routine to supplement the great results you receive from our in-office treatments.

No matter what your personal idea of self-improvement is, Bare Medical Spa + Laser Center has a treatment that will help you get there. Accentuate your beauty with Bare.

We are here to support your resolutions! Give us a call and we can talk about how we can help you achieve your goals: (802) 861-2273 .